Transkultura - Figure And Ground, v2.01

This is a web version of the idea to travel overland outside and around the current geographical area of the European Union, including the countries of the Middle East and those south of the Mediterranean. All the surrounding regions of the Europena Union have in common centuries of European influence and contribute to defining today's border of a Union in transition.
The web presentation is divided into separate categories and has been assembled without preliminary preparations. Included are video-clips from the road, video-comments by those living in various locations, examples of the local products purchased and an archive where it should be possible to download less fragmented audio-visual material constituting this web presentation.
The web is a work in progress and will be modified depending on the current general state of the undertaking.

01.09 2007
Auction of all products, September 01 2007 Club Bunkier Sztuki. For more information click here

06.07-02.09 2007
Exhibition Bunkier Sztuki, Contemporary Art Gallery, Galeria Dolna, Krakow, Poland, Curators: Anna Smolak, Magdalena Ujma

29. 11. 2006 17.00
Pražákův palace, Husova 18, Brno, workshop in the exhibition space.

28.11. 2006 17:15
WALID TAYAA, KARIMA ZOUBIR, FAMU, Prague Projection with discussion
FAMU, Smetanovo nábřeží 2, 116 65 Prague 1, Czech Republic

27.11. 2006 20:30
WALID TAYAA, Club fleda, Brno, projection with discussion Mrs. Bahja (13 min., 2006) South South (4 min., 2002) The Lion's Footprint (15 min., 2005) + selected examples of Tunisien cinematography (cca 90 min.),

22. 11.2006 17.00 h
Pražákův palace, Husova 18 Meeting with Jesper Alvaer, Isabela Grosseova, Walid Tayaa, Ahmed Abdi

22. 11.2006 11.00 h
Studio Vladimir Skrepl, AVU, Prague, Meeting with Walid Tayaa, Karima Zoubir and Rachid Biyi with V. Skrepl and students.

21.11. 2006
hunt kastner artworks, meeting with authors of Transkultura:akt 1, Walid Tayaa, Karima Zoubir and Rachid Biyi, and guests, Prague,

13.11. 2006 16:00
KARIMA ZOUBIR, Club fleda, Brno, projection with discussion,

6.11. 2006 16:00
KARIMA ZOUBIR, Uměleckoprůmyslové museum, Husova 14, Moravska Galerie, Brno, projection with discusion.

1.11. - 30.11. 2006
exhibition Special Guests: Karima Zoubir and Ahmed Abdi, CZECH POINT, Galerie NoD-Roxy , Prague

12.10. -3.12. 2006
exhibition Transkultura: akt 1, Atrium, Pražákův palác, Husova 18, Brno